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Keep growing. That’s our mission.

Farming can solve the challenges of our time. That’s why we’ll always support those who support us all.

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A new way of farming

We’re leveraging new tools and technology so farmers can move confidently from data to decision. Through greater collaboration, we’re creating a food system that’s flexible, productive, and resilient. And we’re respecting our planet by advocating for sustainable practices. Together, that’s a recipe for helping farms, communities, and the world keep growing.

Putting it all into practice

We believe that precision-targeting, sustainability, and innovation are the keys to advancing agriculture across the world. Join us in celebrating our customers, employees, and partners, and watch to learn more about their work in the field.

Growing for good

Learn more about Corteva’s commitment to farmers and employees, whether it’s through outreach, thought leadership, or taking stock of food security around the world.

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A look inside the frontline of farming

Corteva is sponsoring a new BBC World News’ Follow the Food Special episode, Farmers on the Frontline that explores how farmers keep us fed during a pandemic, war and scarcity.

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