Crop Protection Products

Innovations that sustainably control weeds, pests and diseases and help improve plant health.

Solutions for the future of farming

Innovative, sustainable crop protection solutions from Corteva Agriscience help protect fields from weeds, insects, nematodes and diseases that threaten productive harvests. With advanced solutions, farmers can grow more while caring for the land — contributing to a positive farming future.

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Biologicals Business

The Corteva Agriscience portfolio of biological products are derived from nature. These products are developed to give farmers tools to embrace balance and keep their farms healthy and productive today and tomorrow.

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Specialty Products

Corteva offers products to help manage urban pests and care for turf. Please visit your local country website to see if these products are available.

Turf and Ornamental

Turf and Ornamental

We offer solutions to help keep turfgrass and ornamental plants thriving for golf courses, lawns, landscapes, greenhouses, and nurseries.

Pest Management

Pest Management

Corteva’s innovative solutions control insect pests that cause billions of dollars in structural damage each year to homes, commercial buildings and historical structures.

Pasture and Land Management

Pasture and Land Management

Pasture management products can change the productivity of land for meat and milk production by increasing and sustaining forage production. On treated pastures, producers can graze more cattle on the same amount of land.

Managing vegetation along critical infrastructure is essential to growth and for public safety. We help vegetation managers take an integrated approach to stewarding the land.

Adding Value

Our stewardship efforts encompass services to add value to farmers.

Anti-counterfeit and Brand Protection

Grow Right! Authentic and legal crop protection and seed products allow farmers to grow right.

Food Chain CoNNEXT

CoNNEXT is a service offered to our customers to help accelerate the growth of their business, including:

  • Global knowledge for local markets
  • Freedom to trade
  • Freedom to market

Country Selector for Product Information

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