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Solutions That Embrace Balance

Nature is ingenious, always devising new and better ways to get things done. All around us are examples where nature lends an advantage—helping plants become more resilient, insects more adaptable and soils more biodiverse. Of course, nature doesn’t choose sides. Nature strives for balance. Along with the beneficial insects that pollinate crops come hungry ones, evolved to devour them. When growing the foods we rely on, farmers must also strike a balance—protecting their crops from pests and disease without interfering in nature’s good work. The Corteva Agriscience portfolio of biological products comes right from nature. These products are developed to give farmers tools to embrace balance and keep their farms healthy and productive today and tomorrow.

Biologicals Business

Biological products from Corteva consist of materials that already exist in nature. Some of our products are actual living organisms, like beneficial bacteria. Others, like enzymes, are derived from natural materials. The goal is to discover and develop products that can put specific natural benefits to work in farmers’ fields. Our Biologicals portfolio features products in three categories:



Enhance plant health and resilience while helping maximize nutrition use

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Biocontrol Products

Manage pests and protect both crops and biodiversity

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Influence insect behavior and protect crops from damaging pests

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Complementing Evolving Farming Practices

Farmers are always striving to find new and better ways to grow crops. With natural products like biologicals, the challenge is finding products that work well and can be easily incorporated into the farmer’s existing agronomic practices. Every farm is a living system. Biological products from Corteva are designed to fit into that system by complementing the evolving farm practices of today and tomorrow. They can be used in organic farming or in conjunction with traditional crop protection products to optimize plant protection and health. Biologicals are natural substances that help enhance plant protection and health, and help plants be more resilient when they are affected by disease or pests.

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Farmers help ensure their crops have adequate natural inputs to thrive like water, sunlight, nutrients, and sometimes, biological products.

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When severe pests or diseases threaten crops, natural inputs can be an important source of defense. In addition, farmers can use conventional crop protection products alongside biological products to keep crops healthy.

Meeting Marketplace Needs

Today’s consumer is more informed than ever, and hungry for knowledge about where food comes from and how it’s grown. Food suppliers have responded by requiring more transparency and, in many cases, increasingly rigorous production and record-keeping criteria from growers. The Corteva Biologicals Business helps farmers meet these standards with products that can often be used right up until harvest to control diseases and pests when maximum residue limits are a concern.* Biological products from Corteva deliver innovative farming solutions that protect the crop and its environment to help farmers earn premiums for their produce and food chain partners, while bringing consumers peace of mind.

*Always use products according to label directions and in accordance with any spray-to-harvest intervals.

What Makes Biological Products from Corteva Unique?

Proven, predictable performance

Proven, predictable performance

Products only become part of our Biologicals portfolio when our scientists understand how they work and can verify their efficacy over time in real-world settings. Farmers who choose biological products from Corteva can feel confident these products will perform as expected to help drive performance, quality and return on investment on their acres.

Innovative partnerships

Innovative partnerships

Corteva Agriscience partners with biological development organizations around the world that are discovering breakthrough natural solutions to farmer challenges. We work together to thoroughly test and scale up ideas for a global market to benefit farmers everywhere. This model, which will also be combined with research and development efforts at Corteva, is helping drive faster development and availability of high-quality biological products.

Empowering grower success

Empowering grower success

Farmers strive to keep their operations healthy and productive today and tomorrow. To do this, they adopt new technologies and farming techniques to produce more with less impact on the environment. Biological products from Corteva contribute to farmer success by giving them natural options that work effectively alongside their existing practices, so they use less, preserve more and improve their harvests.

Putting Nature to Work for Food and Farms

Natural doesn’t always mean good, or effective. That’s why it’s so important for farmers to know what they’re getting in the biological products they choose for their fields. Corteva Agriscience only markets biological products proven to enhance plant health and protection. With specific, targeted activity, biological products from Corteva can help farmers get more from their other practices and products, even when that means using less product. The result is a better return on investment for farmers and more abundant, high-quality food for consumers.


The Sustainability Balancing Act

Farmers walk a tightrope every day to balance bottom lines and production strategies, economic and environmental sustainability and, business and consumer needs. All the while, the water, air and soil on their farms must remain in balance, with organisms and elements in a delicate dance to keep conditions just right. Biological products from Corteva are designed to make it easier for farmers to achieve and embrace balance in their business and on their fields. They give farmers more choices to maintain a healthy balance that will help keep their farm successful. This lets farmers decide what’s best for the land, their agronomic operation, the crop and consumers.

Our Innovation

The products in the Biologicals portfolio from Corteva have many characteristics that work toward the company’s commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture.

Utrisha™ N nitrogen efficiency optimizer and Sosdia™ Stress abiotic stress mitigator are not registered for sale or use in all states or countries. Sosdia Stress is not for sale in California, Florida and Oregon. Contact your local regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your area. Always read and follow label directions.